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It's all about the day

Our wedding day is probably the day that we think about the most. This is a day that we will remember until the end of our lives. I am dedicated to make this day a perfect experience for you. Your only task here: Enjoy! ... I'll take care of the rest. From a glamorous American style wedding to a wedding on the beach: won’t work, does not exist.


"I live for the moments you can not put in words ..."


Anything for Love

In contrast to normal life, we are here at "Make a wish"! Special occasions require special service providers: locations, photographers, make-up artists, musicians, magicians, caterers, menu ideas, florists, invitations, decorations, supporting programs and much more.


Because of my talent to see the beautiful things in life, my strong aesthetic awareness and desire to make people happy, your happiness is my priority. I love my job.


"I live for the moments you can not put in words ..."

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